Slow Motion / Replay Controllers

Replay ConsoleColosseo’s Instant Replay Controllers, like our Production Video Switchers, feature both an easy-to-learn super-fast touch-screen controller and a full-featured button-based desk with programmable keys. Both versions support three different types of replays the classic instant replay, a prolonged replay and full-featured replay.

To create a classic instant replay in just a fraction of a second, the game-show operator only needs to press one button. Instantly a replay available in a pre-programmed length prior to the button being pressed is available from every single camera in the arena to the operator. He only needs to choose which camera angle shows the best action and then he can put it up on any screen in the arena.

Likewise, a prolonged replay can be created in the same manner as a classic instant replay is albeit with a slightly different keystroke combination on the Instant Replay Controller. The prolonged replay is used to play back celebrations, fierce hits or other unguarded moments during intense game play.

When a game-operator’s sole job is to create replays, he can use the full-featured replay - defining the start and end time plus determining the speed of playback (slow-motion or regular speed etc.).

Instant replays available on venue screens make a fan’s visit to any live game action more enjoyable and, if he is using a Colosseo Mobile App, he can also view any available replay on his tablet or smartphone instantly. 

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