2016 World Women's Youth Handball Championship just started at Ondrej Nepela stadium - Colosseo showcase venue

July 20, 2016 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Ondrej Nepela stadium together with Aegon Arena, both located in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, became hosting venues for an important event in handball sport society – The 2016 World Women's Youth Handball Championship. Organisers have welcomed 24 countries from all continents, the top management of the IHF and many leading personalities from the world of handball.

Colosseo as a technology partner of O. Nepela stadium provided its timekeeping, scoring and statistical solution for the Slovak Handball Federation – the event organiser, together with professional training on TIMER consoles for selected staff to insure smooth operation during the championship.

Additionally, Colosseo provided custom-made scoreboard graphics for the whole event shown on the center-hung videoboard while Single Media Platform managed live video feed that is processed, imprinted with the scoreboard, and subsequently streamed live on the official YouTube channel. Single Media Platform also manages the advertising shown on the center-hung.

The 2016 World Women's Youth Handball Championship is the second important international event at O. Nepela stadium this year after the ISU 2016 European Figure Skating Championships in January and plenty of others in the past, which proves that the arena is a timelessly equipped sporting venue that can seamlessly manage any important event.