Colosseo invited to present a solution for new Video Assistant Referee (VAR) project by FIFA

May 21, 2016 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Arena in Holland was the hosting venue for the first big discussion and presentation of solutions for FIFA’s new initiative Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for football, a video analytics platform that should help referees on the pitch solve controversial off-sides and goal situations. Colosseo has a long proven history in video referee technology as it is used at many hockey stadiums worldwide.

FIFA invited heads of national football leagues as well as system providers to present their solutions for football video referee.  Key vendors who were invited were EVS, Evertz and Colosseo.

Colosseo introduced its Video Goal Judge product which is specifically designed for football matches. We presented several unique features for football:

Advanced 3D measurement system for off-side analyses using virtual calibrated lines representing real world dimensions and compensating camera lens deformations (see attached pictures)

Automated Whistle Recognition and stopping cameras for instant analyses
• System support feeds from IP cameras, HD SDI cameras and also 4K cameras

FIFA delegates were impressed with the Colosseo solution and the unique and innovative feature it offers. They liked the whistle detection feature stopping all cameras for immediate analyses without the need to rewind cameras and the 3D measurement system which allows them to see, compare and measure real world dimensions (player positions) with ball location and thus make proper judgements.

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