Colosseo presents FIFA with its VAR solution with offside measuring line technology introduced last year

November 01, 2017 - Sandhausen, Germany

Colosseo is continuing with the VAR (Video Assistant Referee for Football) project after FIFA’s call for providers to offer a solution for better offside recognition in order to assist with referee decision-making.

Colosseo has once again presented FIFA with its Virtual Measuring Line technology, allowing for quick and highly accurate football pitch calibration for instant offside lines rendering, available even from moving cameras.

The module, which is part of the Colosseo Video Assistant Referee (VAR), can work in multiple models, with any camera (HD SDI or IP, various optics), and is able to automatically detect pitch lines and automatically render calibrated offside lines on the screen in less than one second, ready for immediate analysis by VAR.

The real field test will take place in Sandhausen, Germany on 2 November 2017, where the system will undertake several testing procedures that will be evaluated by FIFA’s independent third-party research partner methodology.

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