Eight ERSTE League Ice Hockey Stadiums were equipped with the cutting-edge video goal judge solution from Colosseo

October 09, 2017 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Eight Ice hockey stadiums, which are also the home venues of the clubs participating in international Ice Hockey “ERSTE League”, have decided to follow the global trend of modernization of sports venues and took  advantage of the latest video goal judge solution from Colosseo.

Each of the eight stadiums has received a turnkey package that consists of the Colosseo miniVIDEOREFEREE, 5 cameras and a controller for convenient and easy video analysis. Cameras are installed behind and over the goal on each side

Now when disputed moments occur, on-Ice referees have all the necessary video analysis tools available under their fingertips and can easily check, using e.g. dynamic zoom options or frame-by-frame analysis, if the puck crossed the goal line or if the goal itself was moved.

The new 2017/18 season of ERSTE league which started on September 9th will now offer very precise accuracy in referee judgement that will be beneficial for both referees and players, while the fans can be assured that the referees have made the right call, double checked by Colosseo precise and proven technology.

To find out more about Colosseo miniVIDEOREFEREE, please follow this link.

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