First season with Colosseo system at CITY Arena – an UEFA cat. 4 stadium – interview with General Manager Marek Piacek

May 26, 2016 - Trnava, Slovakia

CITY Arena and its home club Spartak Trnava just successfully finished the league season, its first with the Colosseo system. What was the feedback from fans and how did they react to the newly installed components?

Fans got used to the new additions very quickly as modern technologies are part of the daily routine for many of us. The big screens received very positive feedback as fans can now see goal and scoring chance replays several time in slow motion, which injects even more emotion and energy into the environment. The perimeters were also received very positively with our continuous effort of displaying interesting ads and other catchy content for fans of all ages. The turnstiles are also working smoothly and we’ve been experiencing fluent throughput with no delays, unlike with the previous system. Fans have also started using QR codes on their smartphones from the tickets they bought online which is very convenient for them.

Aside from the fans, your operating staff also went through the experience of a new system. How is their feedback?

The operating staff in the control room that look after media content picked up nearly everything right away and became true professionals. Their main job is to entertain fans and provide them with the best possible game experience and the Colosseo system makes it easy . The most important thing for them was to learn about all the possibilities and capabilities that the Colosseo system offers and combine them with other subsystems like effect lights or social networks for better fan engagement and entertainment. The operating staff at the entrances appreciates the functionality of the turnstiles and the speed of ticket validation and face recognition. We think it performs 3 times better than the old one.

How did the season go for the home club Spartak Trnava?

The season was very turbulent. With a new arena came new expectations and we made it to the UEFA qualifiers group and now the players will do their best to go further. Also, some players left the club and new ones came in, we got a new manager who is a local legend and former Spartak player Miroslav Karhan. He is very popular among the fans and players as well, so we hope he will lead the club to success.
Do you see any differences in attendance figures after the installation of Colosseo technology?

Of course the attendance numbers have increased. It was instantly noticable during the first 10 home matches where we achieved an average attendance of 8.500 visitors. Since the arena capacity is 19.200, we had nearly half of the stadium sold for every match which is a great figure in Slovakia. After that, the club’s performance decreased a little bit so attendance slightly decreased as well, but we hope that next season will be much better from both a performance and attendance perspective.
What do you and the management of the arena appreciate most about the Colosseo system?
All of us appreciate that the whole Colosseo system is IP based, so we can use all data for great content and collecting the data is easy and automatic. Therefore we can constantly provide fans with something new and interesting which is our main goal.

Support and service is always an important part of the package. How do you rate it after the season?

Support from Colosseo is on a really high level and I can’t complain about anything. When we needed urgent help, there was always someone ready to connect to our system within 5 min. and promptly help us out. Also, their assistance during the first matches and later during key events like national team matches, was absolutely on point and the cooperation was perfect. They are experienced, talented young people with a great vision into the future and we look forward to continued cooperation with them.

We know that you are an IT based person with a strong IT background. How do you personally perceive the Colosseo system?

Frankly, the Colosseo system is one thing that I was able to integrate really well. I’m very happy with the decision I made and the cooperation process with them. I have been to many countries and seen different solutions from various providers, but never saw such a complex and capable system as what is offered by Colosseo.