Fribourg unveiled a new implementation of Colosseo’s technology.

September 25, 2020 - Fribourg, Switzerland

HC Friborg-Gottéron, member of the Swiss National League, which currently participates in the Champions Hockey League, offers its fans a top-level experience through Colosseo technology.

After the video cube (delivered in 2019), the LED ribbon board was added all over the perimeter of the arena’s concourse at the end of last year. The LED ribbon offers a new attractive, high-quality seamless canvas for more effective communication of the club's advertising partners and in conjunction with a video cube also for stunning in-game actions and scenarios.

The media management, in-game action, time-keeping and other necessary functions are under the control of the Colosseo Single Media Platform, the world’s most advanced content control software for sports facilities.

This combination of advanced Colosseo's technologies creates a modern game-show ecosystem that takes game presentation and content management options to a higher level.

ColosseoEAS, Inc. is the producer of the first completely integrated software platform for digital content creation and distribution for venues. With custom designed LED display systems, timekeeping/scoring systems, mobile applications and interactive IPTV, Colosseo has developed the most complete turnkey solution for sports venues, convention centers, shopping malls and transportation available on the market today. With over 100 installations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia in the past 9 years, Colosseo is taking multimedia management, interactivity, entertainment and infotainment to the next level.