IIHF WHC 2011 Colosseo Outstanding Performance

May 16, 2011 - Bratislava, Košice

Arena information and security systems for the IIHF World Hockey Championship 2011 in Slovakia were delivered by the Slovak company MONOGRAM. They were installed at both stadiums - Košice and Bratislava. Thanks to these products distributed under the Colosseo brand the championship organisation was highly valued from both the participants and independent critics. Systems from MONOGRAM proved their quality and helped to increase security, information distribution and to drive the atmosphere during the matches.

In Bratislava these systems were operating during the championship:

  • Security and turnstile – entrance control system with face recognition integrated,
  • Centralised video content distribution – delivering the content to more than 100 LED screens in the arena, jumbotron and LED band,
  • Video referee,
  • Unified time control,
  • Game timer,
  • Other audio and video devices including complete arena sound system and effect lights.

WHC 2011 visitors could experience premiere of such concentration of systems delivered by a Slovak company in the history of IIHF championships. The audience enjoyed the brand new jumbotron which is unique in several parameters. It has no “blind“ areas, operates in high resolution and its 4 sides are functioning as one big LED screen enabling splashy video effects. For the first time jump cuts from live games played in the second stadium in Košice were shown in real time. Citing the IIHF representatives: “It is the best jumbotron we have ever seen ... and we´ve seen a lot.“ Over the jumbotron there was the LED band mounted using both inner and outer side to display graphics.

Video referee from Colosseo was not only used to assess the goal scoring situations but also to evaluate the performance of the referee team. Game timer has helped to display additional information about the goal scorer, penalties and other game situations.

All systems delivered in the Colosseo IIHF WHC 2011 in Slovakia were fully compatible with all IIHF requirements and standards.