Monumental Sports & Colosseo reveal revolutionary LED technology upgrades for Capital One Arena

October 07, 2019 - Washington D.C., USA

Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) and ColosseoEAS are proudly announcing a successful completion of the second phase of cutting-edge upgrades to the fan experience at Capital One Arena as part of an additional $18 million renovation investment in the venue. The entirely privately funded project has complemented last summer's $40 million renovation at the arena.

"Investing in a technologically-integrated venue experience is paramount to our mission of creating monumental memories for our fans," David Touhey, President of Venues at MSE, said. "After completion of this second round of renovations and upgrades, Capital One Arena now feature the best LED displays available today, creating the best in-bowl and in-arena experience for sports and entertainment in America."

At the center of the attention is the world’s first real kinetic Colosseo Vision  center-hung video board with over 7.000 feets (640 sqm) of continuous SMART LED screen, featuring best-in-class 4.00 mm line spacing LED technology and a fully retractable, kinetic bottom section, providing fans with live action, replays, real-time stats and infotainment in incredible 4K UHD resolution and HDR for vivid colors on multi-level display areas. This phenomenal masterpiece is now the largest 360-degree continuous arena video screen in the North America.

The first of its kind and providing a truly unrivalled visual experience is the world’s first indoor 390 feet diameter Gravity-Defying SkyRing Display, wrapped around the roofline and ceiling of the arena bowl and providing an incredible 9,000 square feet (860 sqm) of stunning continuous LED video canvas.

To maximize the visual experience even further, four state-of-the-art double sided, boards were added in the corners of the arena to ensure that every fan has a premium view of all the action. The boards boast more than 2,200 square feet of HD LED video display and the first back-side LED video display in the industry. Over 1,000 square feet of HD LED video display on the back side will deliver stats and scores alongside live action.

Colosseo also updated the arena’s previous ribbon boards, replacing the total area of 1,600 square feet with its new, Colosseo Vision LED panels that deliver a quality picture in true-to-life colors, while adding 2 extra new end zone ribbons which enumerates more than 1,040 additional square feet of another digital space.

Every single display in the arena, including 29 new narrow pixel pitch displays and over 400 TV panels with Colosseo IPTV app that were installed by Colosseo in phase one last year, are completely under the control of the industry leading Colosseo Single Media Platform, that creates, distributes and delivers the prepared content to each display screen in its native resolution and has the game presentation, fan entertainment and ad management completely under control.

Having finished that installation, Capital One Arena now features 35,000 square feet of LED displays throughout the arena, creating the best in-bowl and in-arena experience in American sports.

"An essential piece of the puzzle towards an ultimate fan experience at Capital One Arena was to create a web of digital media, where fan engagement and interactivity grab the eye of every visitor," said Joseph Bocko, President of Colosseo USA, Inc. "Colosseo's unique innovations in center hung video board design and LED SkyRing are setting a very high bar in applied technologies for sports and entertainment venues of the future. Colosseo is proud to assist Capital One Arena in becoming the most advanced venue in regards to applied technology capability."

ColosseoEAS, Inc. is the producer of the first completely integrated software platform for digital content creation and distribution for venues. With custom designed LED display systems, timekeeping/scoring systems, mobile applications and interactive IPTV, Colosseo has developed the most complete turnkey solution for sports venues, convention centers, shopping malls and transportation available on the market today. With over 100 installations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia in the past 9 years, Colosseo is taking multimedia management, interactivity, entertainment and infotainment to the next level.