Next Stop on our US Tour: SEAT 2014 Conference

July 22, 2014 - Miami, Florida, USA

The next stop for Colosseo’s industry leading technology innovations was at the 2014 SEAT Conference in Miami Beach, Florida. This time, the interactive Single Media Platform was available for executives and marketing people from sport venues.

Colosseo has demonstrated at the booth and discussion panel a new industry benchmark for media integration, interactivity, infotainment and how sport venues can compete with the high level of game presentation brought by broadcasters to fans´living rooms. The double sided LED Space Ring by Colosseo is ready to revolutionize infotainment at venues and optimize the monetizing potential of advertisements as well. Industry leaders agreed that it is time to monetize the most valuable, so far empty air space around center hung video boards. The double sided LED Space Ring will become an essential monetizing and infotainment tool for modern sport venues.

All attendees agreed that for optimized monetization it is crucial to have a media platform which allows easy, fast and entertaining content to be able to react quickly to the always changing fans/consumer behaviour which arenas are facing as a new trend on the market. The next generation of Colosseo’s single media platform with its integrated video switcher, replay/highlights and tagging along with the seamless instant content production and real-time delivery to various platforms including IPTV, smartphones and wearables is exactly the type of solution which is demanded on the market and fulfils todays’ sports venue needs from the smallest ones to the largest and most complex.