Allianz Park - London’s Newest Innovative Stadium

January 25, 2013 - London

The stadium is equipped with state-of-the-art technology ensuring a perfect game experience.  Apart from the giant LED screen projecting the game and its most interesting moments, fans will also be intrigued by the applications used to order food and drinks that located at each seat for even more comfort.

Another new feature in the world of rugby at the Saracens stadium is artificial turf. On maintenance alone, it should save about £ 100.000 a year. Therefore, everyone is eager to see, how the first match ever to be played on this type of surface will turn out. Since rugby players have a few special tricks, like rubbing their opponent’s face in the mud, artificial surfaces raise safety issues. However, using longer and finer fibres is a counterargument.  This means that if the test matches prove the suitability of the surface, a new rugby era - games without mud - could start.

If the tests are successful, the official opening of the stadium with a capacity of 10.000 people is scheduled for February 16.  Until then, only 3.500 enthusiasts will be allowed to the stadium.

The miniColosseo Technology

The stadium also has a big outdoor screen measuring 10x6 m and the miniColosseo technology that allows recording, re-playing and overall control over the content on the LED screens. miniColosseo is portable, and it can be easily operated thanks to touch-control.

The matches are recorded by three types of cameras: a fixed camera, a steady camera and a wireless camera. By using all three of them, professional recordings of extraordinary moments of the matches are created. A miniTimer with Swiss Timing synchronization that is counting down the minutes of the games is a given.