Colosseo on IDEA 2014 Conference, Dallas, USA

July 17, 2014 - Dallas, USA

Colosseo’s industry leading venue media control technology was on display in July at the 2014 IDEA Conference in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The world’s first true Single Media Platform was available for a hands-on experience, demonstrating a new industry benchmark for media integration, interactivity, infotainment and game presentation performance. Game operators and technicians from major NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL venues enjoyed a hands-on complete workflow from live feed switching, production to distribution and content display through all the systems. 

Colosseo’s next generation video switcher, replay/highlights and tagging along with seamless instant content production and real-time delivery to various platforms including IPTV, smartphones and wearables demonstrated a new approach in the industry. Colosseo’s flagship product for game presentation operators, the 3D Visualizer, with real-time visualisation technology was the main attraction as game operators are finally getting the tools to have real preview and live control over all media within a venue.

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