Colosseo to be a part of European Trophy 2011

August 11, 2011 - Vienna, Austria

The teams are divided into four divisions - North, South, West and East. Each team plays one game against the five other teams in the same division and one game against one team from each of the other three divisions. Half of the duels will be played on home ice of each team, the other half as guests in another country. Eight best teams, two from each division, will meet in duels from 16 to 18 December for the finals in Salzburg.

The tournament will take place in several stadiums with installed Colosseo components:

Ondrej Nepela stadium in Bratislava - Video Cube, Jumbotron, Video Referee, Monitoring and Telemetry System, Season-Ticket and Ticket System, Turnstile System, Face Recognition, Videosystem

Colosseo proved its worth during the Ice Hockey World Championship 2011 and Ball Hockey World Championship 2011 at the reconstructed Ondrej Nepela stadium. The spectators enjoyed the Video Cube and the LED ring which established a wonderful atmosphere using audio-visual effects. Turnstiles enabled a smooth entry for all visitors with the highest level of safety. This flawless premiere proved once again that Colosseo components are ready for many other unique sport events such as European Trophy 2011.

Albert-Schultz-Eishalle in Vienna - Colosseo HD Director, LED screens, Video Referee, Timekeeper, TV system, MiniColosseo, Inhouse TV network in HD and remote controlling and brand new COLOSSEO TV Promotion system for gastro facilities

The hockey players of Vienna Capitals will play European Trophy 2011 at their reconstructed stadium in Vienna. Colosseo components such as the Direction, the Video Referee, the Timekeeper, LED displays and MiniColosseo are meant to facilitate and modernize the matches and thus to become a part of this important sport event.

Rondo Hall in Brno - Videosystem, Jumbotron Driver, Video Referee, Monitoring and Telemetry System

Rondo Hall in Brno switched to a new system of management with a Video Cube and a Video Referee. A Video Referee is very reliable and easy to use, which makes the work of referees considerably easier, not only at European Trophy 2011.

More information about the schedule of all matches