ColosseoEAS at the Charleroi Airport

July 10, 2012 - Charleroi, Belgium

About ColosseoEAS CMS 

ColosseoEAS CMS ensures control of the attached screens that show the video content which is distributed centrally. The individual screens are operated by control units which are connected to the central server through a network. The system provided by us can centrally manage the screens, detect their condition as well as the content that is being played.

Airport digital signage technology installation

Using a web application, ColosseoEAS CMS makes it possible to easily add content, manage it, and make statistics. This way, the visitors of the airport will be immediately notified of important changes / announcements. The system can also effectively distribute and manage advertising campaigns, allowing the submitters to serve advertisements either to all devices or to individual airport zones. Timing allows to prepare playlists several days in advance, thus facilitating the management which can be easily handled by a more experienced user. Therefore, ColosseoEAS CMS has become a valuable tool for the airport when it comes to passenger information as well as the opportunity to generate advertising revenue.

Place of the Installation

The system has been installed in various places including the arrival and departure halls, check-in, corridors and other areas directly at the Charleroi Airport. Widescreen monitors, control units, a control application including configuration and templates, server hardware and infrastructure are also part of the delivery.