Exhibition FSB / Cologne Germany

October 21, 2013 - Cologne, Germany

ColosseoEAS, Europe’s leader providing complete stadium solutions including complex security systems, game presentation, statistics and timing will exhibit a full range of products at FSB 2013 in Cologne, Germany from Oct. 22-25, 2013. ColosseoEAS is best known for its biometric facial recognition security systems and 360-degree high definition LED scoreboards in European sporting complexes.

“We are exhibiting the most advanced stadium security system in the world,” said ColosseoEAS’ Sales Director Lenka Kunecova. “Our biometric facial-recognition turnstiles, ticket checking systems, registration points - tied to a central database - ensure sporting complexes are safe and family friendly.” In addition to demonstrating the real-time biometric facial recognition turnstile system, ColosseoEAS will show off a new 24 channel high definition scoreboard operating system, sports arena management systems including lighting, audio and video management; IP broadcast technology; interactive IPTV; video referees; instant HD replay technology and timing systems.

“We have had real success with our real-time biometric facial-recognition turnstiles,” said Kunecova. “Our system is the fastest on the market, processing one person in less than half a second. Convention attendees will be impressed.”

“Another device we are showing is our mini Director 4HD, a product for smaller arenas,” added Kunecova, “we have it working in our booth live, managing an array of four HD cameras. Visitors will love our touch-screen technology - how easy it is to program an incredible live game entertainment experience for fans; how simply it integrates with scoreboard and timing systems and how quickly it processes live data.”

ColosseoEAS will be exhibiting all of their solutions at the FSB in Cologne in booths C19/D18. Visitors are welcome to stop by for a full demonstration of any ColosseoEAS system. Around 700 companies are in Cologne for FSB 2012. The program focuses intensely on the sector's hot topics that are of particular interest to municipalities and clubs.