First game at Bratislava stadium with ColosseoEAS KHL configuration

July 25, 2012 - Bratislava, Slovakia


New ColosseoEAS modules configuration

Ondrej Nepela Bratislava Stadium

During last few months important changes were made in the ColosseoEAS configuration and technology to comply with KHL rules. The camera system was upgraded and now includes several  new cameras: goal and behind the goal cameras and one panoramic camera. The other changes include the update of the video referee and the common time system. 

Colosseo GoalCam

Colosseo GoalCamColosseo GoalCam is a sophisticated constructed camera which is extremely resistant. It wirelessly deliveres HD video from the goal to the video referees. Its deployment in Bratislava will increase the accuracy of the video referee´s decisions.

Ondrej Nepela Stadium ready for KHL games

These systems were fully exploited in the real match conditions. The Ondrej Nepela Stadium is ready for next games and start of the KHL competition. These two teams, which met yesterday, will meet in the competitive game on 17 Septemeber 2012 again in Bratislava. The first KHL league official game will take place on 6 September in this arena as well. For more information about the HC Slovan schedule visit the eishockey databank

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