Handball in Slovakia set a new spectator record at Košice Steel Arena

June 15, 2011 - Bratislava

Fantastic atmosphere, perfect sports performance and an unforgettable sports experience


Never before have there been more spectators for a match of handball than at this one in Košice. The arena was not sold out but the scene of over eight thousand fans provided a tremendous atmosphere for the Slovak team members parting with the European Championship qualification 2012. It not only helped them in their great sports performance but also offered an unforgettable experience.

"They were not the eighth but the ninth player," said Daniel Valo about the audience in Košice and added: "The spectators in the Steel Arena prepared a wonderful scene for us. It was marvellous, something we have never had here before. I am positive that we will have a chance to enjoy a similar atmosphere again."

"Today I have experienced something incredible in the town where I was born and trained for handball. I can´t even describe it in words! I had goose bumps throughout the whole match," said goalkeeper Teodor Paul, a native from Košice.

"We absolutely enjoyed playing this match. There was a perfect atmosphere from the very beginning and each player wished he could spend the whole time on the floorboard. We relished it together with the fans," said the giant Slovak pivot Andrej Petro.

A memorable experience also thanks to the Colosseo Jumbotron

Colosseo which has become an integral part of Košice Steel Arena played an important role in both creating the wonderful atmosphere of the match an enabling its smooth running. The eight thousand fans at the Steel Arena tested the Colosseo system supporting other sport than ice hockey for the first time. And again, Colosseo was no disappointment - it proved its qualities also with handball. The stylish video cube comprising four main panels, four side panels and two circuits above and under the main screen helped to maintain the incredible atmosphere throughout the match and thus contributed to the perfect sports experience of both the fans and the players.