Ice Hockey Coupe de France and ColosseoEAS

January 28, 2014 - Paris, France

Rouen took on Ducs d'Angers in the Coupe de France Final Jan. 26, 2014 at the venerable Paris Bercy arena. Colosseo made sure the capacity crowd got involved in the 4-0 Angers win, lending the organizers Colosseo’s Show Manager and Show Designer application along with a Colosseo TIMER application that exported game times to the Outside Broadcast Van. To smooth the interface between Colosseo’s systems and Bercy arena’s, Colosseo also lent the arena our Flow Controller Software that let the game show operators display graphics created by Show Designer.

The TIMER console provided the FFHG and Equipe21 TV a time export to the mobile editing suite in the outside broadcast van that was parked next to the arena. The time export enabled those watching on TV to know the exact times on the ice were.

After the games were over, the equipment stayed in place for more than 50 junior league and student hockey matches over the course of the weekend.

Colosseo periodically lends equipment out to arenas, stadia and basketball or hockey federations for championship series and major tournaments or to assist smaller amateur and youth leagues with their championships.

ColosseoEAS is a leading international company that specializes in LED design, multimedia and statistics solutions for sport venues. The integrated system approach, introduced in 2010, allows stadium and arena owners to input all data from any source into one platform. Moreover the solution automates tasks, reduces redundant operations and distributes native information to a variety of devices like LED screens, IPTVs, advertising fasciae, mobile applications and even wearable devices.