International Football Arena 2011

November 05, 2011 - Zurich, Switzerland

About International football arena (IFA)

The International Football Arena has been hosting events, fostering debate and inspiring exchange between decision makers in the business of football for over a decade. It started in 1999, with the IFA conference in Zurich, which has taken place annually ever since.

Around 200 global decision makers in football congregate in Zurich for cutting-edge information, high-level networking and bilateral meetings. Since 2007, the IFA has also been present in Asia (2007/08 IFA conference Beijing, 2009 IFA conference Kuala Lumpur and 2010 IFA roundtable New Delhi). Today, IFA enjoys a reputation of being the leading organiser of exclusive events for football`s global players.

Football from craze to madness

The leading topic of this year’s conference in Zurich is “Football from craze to madness”. It will feature lectures by Sandro Rosell (president of FC Barcelona), Umberto Gandini (organising director of AC Milan), and many other prominent personalities. The discourse “Why we love female football – and invest in it” is also worth mentioning. Tatjana Haenni (Head of Women’s Competitions FIFA) and Ancillo Canepa (president of FC Zurich) have shared their opinions. The detailed list of lectures along with the names of the lecturers can be found here: