Sport Park Legends in Moscow opening soon

March 20, 2015 - Moscow, Russia

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the completion of the most modern ice palace in Russia on Friday, March 20th. The "Park Legends" Ice Palace, which was constructed in the former industrial area of the legendary car maker ZIL, will hold its first big tournament in late April. Colosseo provided all the multimedia systems, center hung video boards, ribbons, sound systems, time keeping & scoring, video goal judge and an access control system for all three halls.
Colosseo is a leading provider of custom designed LED screens and center hung video boards, integrated multimedia control systems and access control for sport venues. With more than 30 installations worldwide in the past 5 years, Colosseo has been providing control room operators with the cutting edge technology to take complete media management within a sports venue along with fan interactivity, entertainment and infotainment to a significantly higher level.
More details coming soon.