Capital One Arena
Washington, USA



Capitals, Wizards, Mystics, Georgetown Hoyas




Modules installed

  • Colosseo Vision 4K Center-Hung Video Board
  • 4 x Colosseo Vision Two-Sided DualTV™ Boards
  • Colosseo Vision "Gravity-Defying SkyRing" LED display
  • Colosseo Vision LED Ribbon Board

Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) partnered with Colosseo for the second phase technology upgrades toward a cutting edge fan experience at Capital One Arena.


"With this latest round of renovations and upgrades at Capital One Arena, we have raised the game once again in terms of best-in-class arena experience for sports and entertainment. Features such as one of the largest 360-degree continuous screen in sports and access to live action, stats and betting lines via dual-vision corner boards and the 9,000 square foot SkyRing make Capital One Arena one of the top digitally-integrated venues in the world," David Touhey, President of Venues at MSE, said.


Jim Van Stone, President / Chief Commercial Officer, Monumental Sports & Entertainment, continues: “Investing in the best technology available to provide fans with a superior in-venue experience is incredibly important to us at Monumental. From a business perspective, the massive LED capabilities at Capital One Arena will provide our partners with unprecedented ability to reach fans through innovative content.


Globally recognized Colosseo technology innovations met the client’s lofty expectations at the top notch US sports & entertainment venue, MSE's Capital One Arena.


At the center of attention is the first telescopic Colosseo Vision center-hung video board with over 7.000 total square feet of 360-degree zero bezel SMART LED screen, featuring best-in-class 4.00 mm line spacing LED technology, enabling massive real-time statistical infotainment and superior monetizing of advertisement. All this in 4K UHD resolution and HDR for vivid colors on seamless multi-level display areas.


The center hung masterpiece is the tallest among all US competitors. It also features the first bottom facing LED surface and double sided LED ring to optimize game presentation from every angle underneath the video board. Capital One Arena’s new LED center piece is the largest 360-degree continuous LED area video screen in North America.

The other first of its kind visual experience is the world’s first Gravity-Defying SkyRing LED Display, wrapped around the ceiling of the arena bowl and providing an incredible 9,000 square feet of stunning LED canvas to optimize monetizing of advertisement.

The next truly unique in-bowl visual experience at the Capital One Arena are four double sided curved corner boards elevating premium display view to fans in top rows. The boards boast more than 2,200 square feet of HD LED and the first back-side LED video display. Over 1,000 square feet of back side LED displays will be much appreciated by many upper bowl viewers.

Colosseo also updated the arena with 1,600 square feet of ribbon boards and added two new end zone boards which enumerates more than 1,040 square feet of additional in-bowl LED inventory.

Every single display in the arena, including 29 new narrow pixel pitch displays and over 400 TV panels with the Colosseo IPTV app that were installed by Colosseo in phase one in 2018, together with phase two LED upgrades in 2019 are completely under the control of the industry leading Colosseo Single Media Platform, which distributes any type of digital content to any screen at any time. Colosseo SMP has proven again to be a powerful tool for the most demanding venues around the world.

The upgraded Capital One Arena now features over 35,000 square feet of Colosseo LED displays throughout the arena, controlled by the unrivaled Colosseo media platform. Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s vision, powered by Colosseo has resulted in a new benchmark for the world’s best indoor arena visual experience.


"An essential piece of the puzzle towards an ultimate fan experience at Capital One Arena was to create a web of digital media, where fan engagement and interactivity truly catch the eye of every visitor," said Joseph Bocko, President of Colosseo USA, Inc. "Colosseo's unique innovations in center hung video board design and the LED SkyRing have set a very high bar in applied technologies for sports and entertainment venues of the future. Colosseo is proud to assist Capital One Arena in becoming the most advanced venue in terms of applied technology capability."


ColosseoEAS, Inc. is the producer of the first completely integrated software platform for digital content creation and distribution for venues. With custom designed LED display systems, timekeeping/scoring systems, mobile applications and interactive IPTV, Colosseo has developed the most complete turnkey solution for sports venues, convention centers, shopping malls and transportation available on the market today. With over 100 installations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia in the past 9 years, Colosseo is taking multimedia management, interactivity, entertainment and infotainment to the next level.