First Arena, Elmira, N.Y.

First Arena
Elmira, NY, USA
Ice Hockey





Elmira Jackals



Modules installed

  • Colosseo Center-Hung Videoboard
  • Colosseo Director 8HD
  • Colosseo ShowManager
  • Colosseo Interactive IPTV
  • Outdoor LED plaza board

First Arena in Elmira, New York and home to the ECHL Jackals is amazing visitors with major technology upgrades from Colosseo. The center hung video board is built with Colosseo’s latest technology and affirms our exceptional level of engineering.

The ultra-light, fully aluminum structural support solution and precision, zero bezel, 360 LED wraparound technologies used in our center hung video boards deliver unmatched performance.  These cutting-edge industry innovations are powered by the globally unrivaled, Colosseo Single Media Platform content delivery system, the only system capable of true and complete seamless integration with all venue media.

First Arena will become the first arena in the United States to install the Colosseo IPTV and smartphone platform, offering phenomenal levels of interactivity. For fans, the possibility to choose instant replays from any camera in the stadium during live game action will significantly raise the bar for interactivity and infotainment expectations throughout sporting venues worldwide.
Additionally, Colosseo’s corner-shaped outdoor LED plaza board will be fully integrated with indoor media through our Single Media Platform, enabling the Game Presentation Director to provide in-time infotainment and live content on any medium at any time, inside and out.  From Colosseo, the next level of media integration, interactivity and infotainment for stadiums and arenas has arrived!