Turnstiles & Access Control

The Colosseo Access Control System serves as the base for managing all of an arena’s access control points with real-time data communication and continuous arena entry-point monitoring. The system can be integrated with Colosseo Turnstiles, CCD HD cameras, access control barriers, crowd-control gates and parking barrier arms. When the Access Control System is connected to a database of unwanted, or undesirable persons, not only will they be denied entry into the arena, it will also be virtually impossible for them to purchase a ticket.

The Access Control System starts with a database that can be integrated with local law-enforcement and security agency databases so that arena security can monitor people entering the arena with the list of known undesirables.

Security doesn’t stop there. System operators can upload photos of known undesirable persons into the database and should any of them try to enter the venue through a Colosseo Turnstile; the turnstile will lock, denying entry. The Access Control System can be connected to an array of CCD cameras throughout the venue and parking lot to monitor the crowd, allowing security to react to problems that may develop during the course of an event. However, if operators use the Colosseo’s Access Control System and keep undesirable persons out, problematic situations occur far less frequently.

The Colosseo’s system’s architecture relies on open communication standards and interfaces that enable the system to interconnect to other subsystems with different types of access control systems and devices.

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