Colosseo Enterprise

Colosseo Enterprise is a sophisticated solution for managing three aspects in any sport arena for a variety of different sports:

Game Presentation for Sport Venues

  Single Media Platform  -  connects and controls all video, audio from a single device
  Production Video Switchers  -  professional and graphics controllers
  Slow Motion / Replay Controllers  -  touch-screens or keyboard-based replay controls
  LED Vision Scoreboards  -  lightweight, customizable LED screens
  Show Manager  -  manage and synchronize content across all screens
  Smartphones  -  dedicated mobile apps and webpages
  Interactive IPTV  -  interactive LCD or LED TVs
  Infotainment  -  real time statistics and game information

 Game Control & Statistics for Sport

  Timing & Scoring  -  timing and score-keeping interfaces
  Video Goal Judge  -  scoring verification system
  Sport Accessories  -  equipment for a variety of different sports
  Player Tracking  -  software that tracks players’ movements

Security for Sport Venues

  Ticketing & Cashless Payment  -  interconnected ticketing and in-stadium payment systems
  Facial Recognition / Biometry  -  interconnected biometric facial security systems
  Turnstiles & Access Control  -  entry systems with biometric facial recognition systems


The miniCOLOSSEO group consists of smaller and portable versions developed from Colosseo’s top-of-the-line products designed specifically for smaller arenas and stadiums but can still seamlessly integrate with any Colosseo product. The miniCOLOSSEO group consist from 4 major products:

  miniDIRECTOR  -  A portable video mixer with an option to create instant replay & advertisement
  miniTIMEPLAYER  -  A portable device for timekeeping management & advertising
  miniPERIMETER  -  A portable unit that controls display content on perimeter & ribbon boards
  miniCUBES  -  lightweight & pre-designed center hung videoboards for smaller venues