Timing & Scoring

Colosseo’s Timer Workstation is touch screen-based console and provides an interface for timekeepers and referees at the time/penalty bench. Referees control the main and secondary clocks (main time, shot clocks, timeouts) with hardware buttons for precision. Concurrently, game operators can enter all the necessary and additional information, collecting as much game data as possible for statistical and game presentation purposes.

Operators can connect to as many terminals as needed; normally two redundant time consoles are provided. Two or three terminals can be coordinated – one operator manages only the main time and main events while a second or third operator enters additional data for extended statistical and game presentations purposes. For the most precise time keeping, we recommend using our hardware buttons to start and stop the clock.

The Colosseo Timer, when combined with Colosseo’s GamePlay Server and Game Presentation, is capable of handling a wide range of statistical information: leagues, tournaments, teams and players within all sport types. For example, the system stores each player’s penalty statistics along with the metadata describing the game, tournament and/or league. An operator can then load player penalty statistics from different tournaments and present that information on the scoreboard. It is also possible to set up triggers for thresholds in statistical data, so the operator is automatically notified when milestones are reached. The system can import, export and synchronize all statistical data with third party data-providers through different types of interface adapters (IP based on Web Services, RS232/485 or other).

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