Game Presentation for Sports Venues (Colosseo SMP)

Colosseo takes advantage of the absolute latest technology to provide an unrivalled stadium experience for fans, advertisers and game presentation operators. Utilizing top-quality lightweight LED screen technology, highly advanced video processing with switching, mixing and instant replay technology and an incredibly sophisticated level of workflow integration, Colosseo’s systems reduce operations staff requirements while still furnishing fans and advertisers with the best possible live experience and advanced content generation with a minimum of effort.

At the heart of the Colosseo system is the most advanced and comprehensive arena system controller available on the market today - the Colosseo Director. The Colosseo Director manages all content on all stadium screens, ranging from standard LED screens to giant LED curtain façade screens, televisions or alternative screen devices. Using Colosseo’s secondary screen controllers, operators can send camera feeds to an IPTV network, to LCD TVs placed in the corridors of an arena and deliver content to iPad/Android applications. It allows operators to manage different content on different groups of arena LED screens and to stream different video channels, advertisements, graphics and statistics to every screen in the building. But primary or secondary screens are not the only media that the Colosseo Director can control. A wide range of other devices based on DMX or RS232/485 protocols can be utilized for whole game presentation workflow. Add to the in-game show effect lights, audio systems, horns or any other devices based on standard protocols and control them using Colosseo Director’s automation.

But that’s not all; Colosseo has designed the Colosseo Flow, a system that allows a single operator to control content from multiple media on one operator console or across a network of operators’ workplaces. One key feature allows synchronized control of all media with a single click. Combined with Colosseo’s Show Designer with 3D visualizer, Colosseo’s Light and Sound Control, Colosseo Flow’s built-in workflow and template engine, an operator can build complex event scenarios to create amazing game presentations for every sport, every time.

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