The miniVIDEOREFEREE is a new member of the miniCOLOSSEO entry level products family for smaller venues and is a specifically developed portable device designed for video analysis of controversial sports situations during the game or match.

The solution is designed to process 5 IP camera feeds (4 + 1 time camera). Camera locations depend on type of sport e.g. during the ice hockey game cameras are located behind and over the goal on each side while the time camera is constantly focused on the existing stadium scoreboard recording live timekeeping and imprinting a cropped image into the live video.

All important game moments (e.g. goals, fouls, end of period, etc.) can be marked by an operator on the Interactive Timeline with additional meta-information and the operator can dynamically switch between those moments.

The miniVIDEOREFEREE has its own session management for each game which means that the operator has full control over all data input and information collected during independent game sessions.

Lastly, miniVIDEOREFEREE can export selected or analysed moments from chosen camera angles with adjustable length in predefined quality and video file format.


  • Video processing of up to 5 IP camera feeds (4 + 1 time cam)
  • Game time imprint via selected time camera
  • Live game view from all camera angles for continuous game viewing
  • Two built-in and predefined camera grid layouts
  • Touch based interface
  • Synchronous analyses from all camera angles at same time
  • Option to set up independent zoom factor for each camera
  • Instant snapshot creation from desired cameras
  • Interactive Timeline with manual mark creation
  • Complete and independent session management for each game or match
  • Export of selected game situations from chosen camera angles with adjustable length
  • Portable solution designed for compact size with special transport case
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