Noise Meter

Colosseo NOISEMETER uses an existing venue audio system and requires one or more noise microphone inputs. The system is fully integrated with the Colosseo Single Media Platform which processes audio levels and subsequently delivers these values to any screen controller where interactive fan engagement graphics are displayed. This allows game show operators to use it in a variety of different ways, e.g.:

  • Basic Noise Meter - basic real-time visualization of noise level (decibel meter) with a custom graphic scale for better fan engagement during breaks in play
  • Custom Scenes – crowd is awarded when they reach a specific noise level by cooperating with the mascot or an on screen animation
  • Interactive Games – crowd can control a specific object on the screen by maintaining noise at a set level
  • Advertising – option to combine sponsored content with customized noise meter graphics and animation

Colosseo NOISE METER is immediately available for purchase for a special introductory price, please contact us at: for more information.

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