Security for Sports Venues (Colosseo SSP)

At Colosseo we believe a fan’s safety and security is a stadium operator’s greatest concern. Fortunately, Colosseo provides all the tools to ensure both. Colosseo supplies the most advanced access control systems on the market with built in biometrics coupled to a ticketing and cashless payment system that offers full control of who gets in, who stays out and the ability to prevent incidents before they happen. With Colosseo’s security systems, stadia operators reduce the likelihood of hooliganism, vandalism and violence, making every event more family-friendly.

Colosseo starts with the Colosseo Access Control System, a modern, robust, easy to operate and integrate system with a fast and user-friendly interface. This intelligent entrance system is one of the Colosseo modules that connects to, centralizes and manages all access control points from one central location. The Colosseo Access Control system administers Colosseo’s Ticketing System, Colosseo’s Biometric Facial Recognition System, Colosseo turnstiles, door entrance systems and even parking lots.

Finally, Colosseo has designed a unique Cashless Payment System that allows stadium operators, teams, leagues or event management to combine all fan payments into one, central payment account (much like a credit card). This system takes the cash out of staff’s hands, minimizing the opportunity for theft or fraud with increase of monetary security. The Colosseo Cashless Payment System is just another way Colosseo makes sure that stadium investors achieve excellent return on investment (ROI).

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