Game Control & Statistics for Sport (Colosseo ESP)

Colosseo’s GamePlay system consists of the Colosseo Service Server, a timing terminal, game-specific hardware controllers and Colosseo’s Video Referee. The Service Server is integrated with both the Colosseo Director and Colosseo Flow keeping fans continuously up to date with scores and times from the scoreboard to perimeter strips and fasciae. Colosseo’s GamePlay system can natively handle more than 18 different sports and coupled with external timing systems provides seamless system interconnection and game automation. The timekeeping system also supports various hardware game accessories for different sports; goal and penalty lights for ice hockey; shot-clock timers and alternating possession arrows for basketball, possession lights for volleyball. And with Colosseo’s Video Referee featuring five dedicated HD cameras with instant replay from any camera, referees are sure to get every call right every time.

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