Services for turnkey solution

ColosseoEAS is a company dedicated to providing clients with incredible customer service including:

Turnkey Documentation – Initial designs, drawings, project scoping, hardware and  software  requirements,           timeline and budgets.
Systems Integrations – Detail how Colosseo systems integrate with local payment providers,                                     local law-enforcement  and telecoms and latest facial recognition technologies
Documentation Norms – Everything is done to international and local norms, be they in the EU,                                   Russia, the US or Australia
Conceptualize – We conceptualize arena corridor design, sector organization and barrier placement                          for maximum efficiency of our security systems

Nothing is left out nor left to chance so a client can have complete confidence in what he will receive, how much it will cost and when it will be completed. ColosseoEAS believes in beginning-to-end delivery and service.

Customer Support

We know that great service is only half the challenge of a complex technical solution. That’s why ColosseoEAS supports every installation with a team dedicated to making sure that your ColosseoEAS equipment works correctly every time, all the time.

Certified Staff – Colosseo has more than 90 employees who are ISO 9001:2009 TUV and ITIL Foundation               certified and  qualified.
Dedicated team – Our professionals focus on video, sport and security systems and are dedicated to                       providing professional software application design, development, deployment and maintenance
Global representation – We have local representation present on six continents, should something                            fail, support is just a regional phone call away
Follow up – Colosseo sends experts onsite to completed projects to ensure correct and complete                             software  implementation and to train client’s local staff

From total stadium solutions to simple timing systems, service and support are the name of the game and ColosseoEAS does it all and does it better than anyone else.