Facial Recognition / Biometrics

Colosseo provides the only seamless real-time biometric face recognition system on the market today. It operates in two modes, either database or ID comparison. Both modes use Colosseo’s high resolution cameras to capture a person’s face at the turnstile entrance, creating a biometric profile from the captured images which is then immediately compared to either an ID database or a database of known unwanted persons. If no match is discovered the fan quickly steps through the turnstile, but, if a match is found, stadium access is denied and security personnel are notified. The Colosseo Access Control System employs different modes of operation, 1:1 or 1:many, offering one-step technology and operating on all points of entry. Best of all, there are virtually no queuing delays at turnstile entrances and the biometric scanning activity does not interfere with fan comfort.

The Colosseo Biometric face recognition system can be integrated with existing turnstiles or built into Colosseo’s tripod or full-profile, bi-directional moving head turnstiles. Colosseo turnstiles are made from stainless steel to guarantee a practically unlimited body lifetime with nearly zero maintenance. Colosseo turnstiles operate in two directions (in/out); have an automatic arm release for emergencies; are remotely controlled; have LED entrance/exit direction indicators; RFID card readers, NFC card readers and bar code readers. Colosseo’s biometric face recognition system also works with the Colosseo Handheld Virtual Turnstiles.

Colosseo’s biometric face recognition system can be employed to look for people using Colosseo’s unique “face search.” This dedicated application scans through a database of ticket history, entries, sector and seat assignments to find an unwanted person in the stadium or, security personnel can view live video from anywhere in the stadium to find an unwanted person.

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