Colosseo Single Media Platform

About the Platform

The Colosseo System is an extensive ecosystem of technologies, solutions, and products where the Colosseo Single Media Platform® plays a central role. It is a scalable solution enabling efficient multimedia content management and powerful control of all multimedia presentation displays in the arena. Simply put, it’s the heart and the brain of the entire Colosseo technological ecosystem in sports venues.

Key Multimedia Presentation Technologies

Live Video Production

The Live Video Production family products are essential in bringing a breathtaking fan experience to your arena.


Multimedia presentation technology that allows for easy yet powerful content preparation, execution, and previewing.


Interactive IPTV allows controlling the arena displays such as hallway and corridor TV panels, foodcourts or VIP skyboxes.

Top Benefits

Live Video Production

Colosseo Live Video Production system is an IP-based production environment. It can accommodate analogue, digital, and IP-based feeds. Internally all video is processed in encoded form. Live Video Production environment is built using 3 main Colosseo products:

Director Console

Workstation that will allow you to direct your live events quickly and easily. Director Console will enable you to switch the camera output content in real time, to create and play back action replays, to play multimedia files and to run different types of multimedia content on all the display surfaces in your arena.


Replay Console

Prepares instant replays for convenient playback at the Director Console. Colosseo Replay Console is a standalone workstation with a touch-based user interface, integrated multiviewer and external control surface specifically designed for quick and convenient instant replay creation and playback.


Media Server

Acquires video feeds, encodes them and streams them all over Colosseo ecosystem. Media Server can capture various kinds of input feeds. Depending on the capture cards used, it can capture the following: Analog SD PAL/NTSC, SD, HD, 3G SDI, HDMI (up to 4K resolution), NDI, RTSP based IP streams.

Media Server running Colosseo Single Media Platform

Colosseo FLOW

The multimedia content presentation technology that targets a variety of display devices throughout the Colosseo system. The FLOW Scene is the most elementary unit of execution. Scenes can be organized into screenplays that allow for easier navigation among a large number of them.


Allows for easy content execution

Output Monitoring

Displays a preview of currently rendered content

FLOW Controler

Renders multimedia content onto a variety of displays


Takes care of multimedia content and scenes preparation for ShowManager

3D Visualizer

Displays an interactive 3D preview of currently rendered content

Interactive IPTV

It brings the live and the multimedia content of the current sports event to the television screens in the indoor areas of the sports venue. No matter where the visitor is in the stadium, he can watch the current game. The Interactive IPTV also allows access to a multimedia archive such as goal replays, highlights, player info, etc. Thanks to IPTV, nobody in the stadium misses the biggest moments of his favourite club.

The Power of the Single Media Platform

Amazing Virtual Controller

The Colosseo Virtual Controller is an amazing tool that allows the splitting of one media source (image, video, live-action, etc.) to defined LED surfaces in such a way that you can create one big virtual display out of them. This sophisticated software solution maximizes Colosseo Single Media Platform’s real-time computing potential and fully replaces the deployment of much more expensive third-party solutions. And unlike the hardware solutions available on the market, it excels in great flexibility and almost unlimited customization options.

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