Dinamo Stadium

About the Project

Dinamo National Olympic Stadium, the future hosting venue of the upcoming 2019 European Games which takes place this June in the Belarus capital of Minsk, has partnered with Colosseo to receive a major technology upgrade to provide its fans and visitors with the best possible level of game-day experience, safety and infotainment.

Colosseo has modernized the stadia control room with its market leading Single Media Platform (SMP) that will create, manage and deliver all media content including multi-angle slow motion replays, highlights, fan-engaging animations, advertisements or statistical data to all the connected stadia LED displays, ribbons and perimeter, to provide fans with an unrivalled game-show experience.

On top of that, Colosseo also provided an interactive & digital signage solution for over 450 TV panels installed across the venue, including 300 sky lounges, to provide visitors and VIP guests with instant replays, highlights, real-time statistical information and live feeds on one interactive platform, where all content is created and distributed by Colosseo SMP.

To maximize the visitor’s safety, Colosseo has fitted the venue with a massive delivery of its stadia leading biometric face recognition turnstile system to seamlessly control and manage all access points in the venue.

Over one hundred turnstiles and gates are equipped with Colosseo Biometrical Heads which scan the face of each visitor at an express speed of under 0.5 sec to instantly deny access to backlisted persons.

Dinamo National Olympic Stadium is now exceptionally prepared in both technology and safety for the upcoming 2019 European Games and visitors can expect the highest level of game day experience and venue safety.

Installed Modules

The main products of the Colosseo brand installed as part of the delivery

Project Realisation in 2019.

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Dinamo Stadium






22.000 seats

Sport Brands

Athletics, Football

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