VTB Ice Palace

About the Project

Legends’ Park – is the name of the new sport and entertainment district in Moscow spanning cca. 700.000 m2. It contains a complex of three sports venues called VTB Ice Palace, the museum of hockey glory, a water sports complex with an Olympic swimming center, business center, apartment complex and a four star hotel including a large conference center. It is currently the biggest development project in the Moscow area. Colosseo was awarded this unique opportunity to participate on a state of the art ultra-modern project by winning the public bid to provide the multimedia and technology solutions for all three venues.

The largest arena of the  VTB Ice Palace complex, simply called “The Big Arena”,  has capacity for 12.100 spectators and will host next year’s IIHF World Championship in Ice Hockey. The second venue – small arena – has a 3.500 spectator capacity and the third structure, called “Training Arena” is a training facility with a grandstand for 500 spectators. The two larger arenas are multipurpose and can be converted for hockey, basketball, tennis, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, concerts, etc.

The Big Arena features the most technological advancements with the Colosseo HD Video Cube as the centre piece. It has an overall LED surface of 107 m2 with each main screen measuring 5 x 6 meters. The unique P6 technology delivers a crystal clear picture enhanced by our 360 zero bezel technology which creates a continuous visual effect for the cube and bottom ring.

The unique design of the centre hung video cube is accentuated by ribbon boards in P10 full HD resolution. Both are controlled by the Colosseo Single Media Platform now featuring our newest replay workstation which enables even simpler and faster replays. The Colosseo Video Goal Judge is also a key part of the installation. Colosseo also provided two timing and statistics workstations with support for 18 various sports that were supplied together with additional hardware such as goal lights, penalty lights, commercial break beacons, horns and shot clocks. A custom LED scoreboard for basketball will also be installed in the near future.

Colosseo TurnstilesTicketing is handled by the Colosseo Access Control System with an integrated Colosseo Cashier application for ticket sales and visualization of individual sectors with 7 POS stations. In addition, 33 turnstiles were installed with integrated combo ticket readers including 3 with wheelchair access. The installation also features a flagparade, effect lights and time clocks in the corridors.

The Small Arena also has a new HD Video Cube with an LED surface of 37 m2 and the same control system featured at the Big Arena . Colosseo will also be installing an LED video screen in the Training Arena  that will be operated with the Colosseo miniDirector – an ideal solution for smaller venues.

VTB Ice Palace  is one of the most complex and one of the most important installations in the history of the company and Colosseo is delighted to acknowledge a statement by the famous former Soviet goaltender Vladimir Mishkin, who prior to the first game of the Legends Cup proclaimed:  “This is the best hockey venue in Europe”.

Installed Modules

The main products of the Colosseo brand installed as part of the delivery

Project Realisation in 2015.

Arena Info

Arena name

VTB Ice Palace






12.100 seats

Sport Brands

A multipurpose arena where many sports, concerts and other cultural events occur.

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