Colosseo technology is used widely during the San Salvador 2023 games

Colosseo technology is used widely on ten venues hosting the XXVI Central American and Caribbean Games 2023 in San Salvador.

Major construction and reconstruction of sports venues and related infrastructure occur before the games. Colosseo played a significant role in equipping sports venues with modern technologies, including LED display visual solutions, integrated media control, public announcement and audio systems, timing&scoring and ticketing. A wide range of sports includes football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, water polo, baseball, softball, gymnastics, athletics, track cycling, speed skating, tennis, table tennis, and karate.

Colosseo delivered turnkey solutions for all venues, including design and engineering, manufacturing of the systems, assembly, installation, support, training, and operation of the events.

“National Institute of Sports of El Salvador (INDES) selected ColosseoEAS in the international bidding process as the company with many years of experience supplying and implementing technologies at sports venues globally and for major international sports events. We were able to make full use of this experience for this large-scale delivery”, said Jan Jenca, CEO of the company.

Colosseo has prepared modern custom-designed LED displays, ribbons, and perimeters for individual sports venues according to the specifics of venue architecture and individual sports. Integrated media control by Colosseo Single Media Platform – the world’s unique integrated media solution for managing, processing, and publishing multimedia content.

Certified timing and scoring systems by Colosseo are widely used. The supply of sports accessories, including shot clocks, horns, clocks, or lighted possession arrows, moved the modernization of the venues to a new level. A modern integrated ticketing solution was installed for the purpose of this event.

See videos from the opening event and selected sports:

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