Europe’s most modern brand new Vaudoise Aréna in Lausanne opens its doors to visitors

The brand new multifunctional Vaudoise Arena, a new home for the famous Swiss Lausanne HC hockey club

…, opened its gates last night during the grand opening ceremony enhanced with the Colosseo On-Ice projection before the National League season opener between Lausanne HC and Genève Servette HC.

The arena became the biggest and technologically most advanced venue in the region and broader Europe and is now fully ready for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games taking place in January 2020 and the 2020 IIHF Men’s Ice Hockey World Championship hosted by Switzerland.

The dominant part of the arena is an impressive rectangular shaped Colosseo Vision center-hung video board that features an innovative and world’s first, custom-designed 180-degree kinetic/rotation system.

The center-hung is equipped with the latest 4 mm line spacing LED technology, providing the highest image clarity possible and true-to-life colors for the fans on the 360-degree seamless zero-gap LED canvas that totals over 160 sqm / 1.722 sqm feet, and is accentuated by the ultra-slim Colosseo Vision LED ribbon board in HD quality which significantly broadens the sponsorship and fan engagement opportunities.

Game presentation and sponsorship on the LED displays including the Colosseo IPTV system which was also installed in the VIP suites and food corners, is created and distributed by the industry leading Colosseo Single Media Platform (SMP) that came in the 24HD live camera feed configuration and full redundancy, along with the complete timekeeping, scoring and statistical system.

This robust and scalable system setup is now ready to provide unprecedent game-show and fan engaging experiences, together with live replays, interactivity, real-time stats and other attractive content, while seamlessly delivering commercial breaks and other sponsorship content.

The arena also received the complete Colosseo effect lights, laser and 3D mapping/on-ice projection technology with 30,000 lumens that is completely under control of the Colosseo SMP, including vertical 3D mapping never seen before on European market.

Lausanne HC and ColosseoEAS are partners since 2013 and after Colosseo modernized the club’s previous home, Espacey Malley Arena with the custom designed center-hung video board and the Colosseo SMP, the constant support and great relationship resulted in another successful project.

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