HK Poprad upgrades its Ice Arena with the latest Colosseo LED and game presentation technology

HK Poprad, one of the earliest Colosseo clients since 2011, has decided to completely modernize its control room and LED inventory with the latest Colosseo technology

… , prior to the official start of the Slovakian Premier Ice-Hockey League “Tipsport Extraliga”, to provide its fans and visitors with an even better and enhanced in-arena experience.

The previous LED display along with the upper LED top ring were completely dismantled and replaced with the brand new and bigger Colosseo Vision LED display attached on the new and lighter aluminum construction in dimensions of 8.8 x 5.7m, featuring 6mm line spacing LED technology for the best possible and crisp imagery with true-to-life colors, to provide fans with even better details when enjoying replays or highlights from any angle.

Opposite to the main screen, an additional LED scoreboard, also in 6mm line spacing was added, primarily for showing the main score and timekeeping, but can be also used for any other commercial content during breaks.

Colosseo technicians also completely revamped the whole control room by installing the latest version of the market leading Colosseo Single Media Platform (SMP), including the Director 8HD for complete control over live camera feeds, mixing, switching, creating instant replays and highlights while delivering real time stats, infotainment and engagement.

The timekeeper’s workstation at ice level was also equipped with the Colosseo Timer consoles with incorporated statistical platform with real-time data exchange with Colosseo SMP for the next data usage.

An inevitable part of every ice hockey installation is the leading video analysis tool approved by the IIHF – the Colosseo Video Goal Judge, which was also delivered as a part of the package along with the complete 7 pcs camera system including specially designed reinforced goal-cams in 4K resolution. The solution is capable of solving any controversial moment that occurs in the goal mouth by zooming in and creating frame-by-frame in-depth video analysis from every connected camera.

Lastly, the arena was also equipped by 2 large TV panels which were connected to the existing arena TV system to provide VIP guests with detailed game information, statistics, replays and other information from places where the main display screen is not visible.

Colosseo wishes HK Poprad and its fans a successful and joyful “Tipsport Extraleague” season and is proud that it could bring the next technology enhancement for an even better game-day and in-arena experience to the Poprad Ice Hockey Arena fans.

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