U Arena

About the Project

U Arena – is an unconditionally unique, state-of-the-art indoor venue of the 21st century, is the only one in the world with U-shape stands and offers an enormous capacity of 40.000 seats, doubling the size of standard European indoor arenas!

Located in the heart of the modern Parisian “La Defence” district, the arena is easily accessible and can be transformed into 3 different configurations – either as a venue for international shows, a concert venue, or a sports venue with movable stands.

Colosseo is proud of equipping this timeless venue with its leading Single Media Platform (SMP) technology which creates and delivers content to a multitude of LED displays, mobile devices and also 3D mapping projection! In closer observation, the large-scale installation of Colosseo SMP controls all giant outdoor and indoor LED displays along with the ribbon board, delivering various multimedia content in up to 4K resolution. Also, 200 professional TV panels with the Colosseo Interactive IPTV app along with a multitude of TV channels, and lastly, content such as live feeds or highlights/instant replays is also supplied to the arena’s custom smartphone apps by the Colosseo SMP.

The U-Arena also introduced a unique feature, the so called “L’EMOTION STUDIO”, a special 3D mapping in combination with mirrors which reflects the broadcast to a desired arena location while the content for all 48 projection nests is being delivered by Colosseo SMP.

The very first event held in the arena was a Rolling Stones concert a the end of October and the arena has also become the new home venue for the local rugby club Racing92.

U-Arena now becomes the second major venue in Paris, along with the AccorHotels Arena, that runs on the cutting-edge Colosseo Single Media Platform technology, proving its leading position on the market with multiple multimedia content creation and distribution in the most advanced venues worldwide!

Installed Modules

The main products of the Colosseo brand installed as part of the delivery

Project Realisation in 2017.

Arena Info

Arena name

U Arena






40.000 seats

Sport Brands

A multipurpose arena where many sports, concerts and other cultural events occur.

About Us

ColosseoEAS, Inc. is the producer of the first completely integrated software platform for digital content creation and distribution for venues. With custom designed LED display systems, timekeeping/scoring systems, mobile applications and interactive IPTV, Colosseo has developed the most complete turnkey solution for sports venues, convention centers, shopping malls and transportation available on the market today. With over 100 installations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia in the past 10 years, Colosseo is taking multimedia management, interactivity, entertainment and infotainment to the next level.